Nov 092012

By Claire Ellicott (Daily Mail) Research published in the Journal of Economic Psychology claims to have discovered the ideal waking hours of the average woman. Tops on the list: 106 minutes of sexual intimacy.

Via A woman’s perfect day? She’d like 106 minutes of romance and 82 minutes of socialising (but only 36 minutes at work) | DailyMail

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Nov 042012

By Dan Nosowitz (PopSci) But for days, the internet’s most authoritative article on a major tropical storm system in 2012 was written by a man with no meteorological training who thinks climate change is unproven and fought to remove any mention of it.

via Meet The Climate Change Denier Who Became The Voice Of Hurricane Sandy On Wikipedia | Popular Science.

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Nov 032012

Obama personally caused Hurricane Sandy: It wasn’t global warming that made Sandy so intense; it was Barack. Alex Jones’ site reported the president engineered the storm using a Pentagon weather modification project. The mayhem caused by the hurricane would afford Obama the opportunity to score points by briskly managing disaster relief a week before the election.

via Chart: Almost Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever | Mother Jones.

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Sep 212012

(Spiegel) Encouraging free sharing of files on the Internet, including copyrighted material, is an official platform of Germany’s Pirate Party. This week, however, a senior member of the party has been policing illegal downloads of a book she published through a subsidiary of Random House. Will the party continue to promote its “information must be free” line?

via Information Mustn’t Be Free: Pirate Party Member Insists on Copyright for Book – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

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May 312012

All over the Internet today, you’ll see headlines confirming that old people smell different. Why, yes, they do, but not the way the headlines imply.

From the actual study  ”Old-age group were rated as less intense and less unpleasant than body odors originating from Young and Middle-age donors.”

So it’s not that smell more, but that they smell less that makes it possible to distinguish them from younger folk.

PLoS ONE: The Smell of Age: Perception and Discrimination of Body Odors of Different Ages

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